relativatreeRelativaTree was founded by Janette Silverman, a genealogist with three decades of experience, to offer genealogical research and consulting services.  Janette is now associated with ancestryProGenealogists where she is a Senior Genealogist / Research Team Manager.

Janette and her team at ProGenealogists specialize in Jewish and Eastern European research although they also do a substantial amount of non-Jewish research and research of Sephardic Jewish ancestry.  Because the Jewish experience is so varied, a lot of research they embark on focuses on immigration  from many different parts of the world.  Finding ancestral links for people can be quite complex and the team uses a lot of different tools including DNA testing.  The team can access, translate and analyze records from almost every European language imaginable as well as Hebrew, Yiddish and Ladino.

To make an appointment to discuss your personal research challenges, please email Janette at either OR