About Genealogy

Jigsaw puzzles and crosswrelativatreeord puzzles make way for solving mysteries and finding the missing pieces of our own family tree!

Researching our family history takes us on an adventure leading to many paths of discovery.  Family history research is an amazing way to connect with our ancestors and learn about their lives and the times and places in which they lived!

Genealogy has come a long way – televisions shows and the internet have helped to make people aware that genealogy is not just a series of names and dates.  The names and dates are the important foundation but family stories provide the cement that allows us to bind the names and dates together and help us to understand something of the lives of our ancestors.

Janette Silverman’s personal genealogy research journey began over thirty-five years ago with research into her grandparents’ ancestral roots.  A benefit of the research was that it helped her reconnect with relatives she had not seen in years.  Her dad became her constant research partner.  Together they created a family tree that is wide and deep.  They found connections to family members all over the world and connected their family to important historical events by learning about their ancestors and the places from which they came.