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Who says miracles don’t happen and that lost family members have to stay lost?

Stories like the reunion between two sisters reported in the Arizona Republic on Feb 15, 2013 happen often enough to give us all hope of reuniting families and finding lost relatives.  Few of our stories are as dramatic as this … Continue reading

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Remember to Re-Examine Family data periodically

If you’re like me, you may consider only a very few books worth re-reading.  After all, there are so many out there – how is a person supposed to get to them all?  The files, folders, family Bibles, photos and … Continue reading

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Don’t wait until your relatives die to explore boxes and bags of “stuff”

As a young child, I loved to look at the boxes of greeting cards my parents kept.  I would ask endless questions about the people who sent them.  Regretfully, I was too young to write the stories down.  Thankfully, my … Continue reading

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Adoption by husband of wife’s surname

The Huffington post article discusses contemporary adoption by men of their wife’s surname.  In previous eras this was common when a man married a woman from a more illustrious family than their own.  It also occurred in places where inheritance … Continue reading

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WOW – archaeological find of the body of Richard III is identified by DNA

What is being called the archeological find of the century also carried significance for genealogists.  By restating the words so eloquently expressed in the New York Times article about this amazing find and its identification, I would loose the tone … Continue reading

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