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Looking Ahead, Reviewing the Past

In just a few days, it will be Purim. Every year, I order a box of hamentaschen to share with my colleagues in my office, and think about all the years I made dozens and dozens of them with all … Continue reading

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25 October – Research and Tears

DISCLOSURE: I am trying to update this blog a day or couple of  days at a time but am often doing it several days after the fact due to internet connections On Thursday, 25 October, we had planned for a … Continue reading

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JFNA-GA in Tel Aviv Oct 22-24, 2018

What, you might ask is that jumble of letters? The Jewish Federation of North America has an annual conference called a General Assembly. Although it has been in Israel before, it’s previously only been in Jerusalem. I was last at … Continue reading

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Shabbat in Tel Aviv

Whether you are religious or not, Shabbat in Israel is a special experience. Tel Aviv, where we are right now, is very different from Shabbat in Jerusalem where we will be next week. On Shabbat, although in Tel Aviv, many … Continue reading

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Tel Aviv – the Beach and Friends

My first trip to Israel was in 1966. That trip remains fixed in my memory, with parts of it as vivid as if it was yesterday, not 52 years ago. There is so much here that seems to have not … Continue reading

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Oct 18, 2018 – Arrival in Israel

It’s a really long way to travel – from Salt Lake City to Israel.  Yes, I know that there are places further away, but the issue isn’t really the distance, it’s how long it takes to travel that distance.  There … Continue reading

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So, Not Only in Eastern Europe

One of the many things verified in the archives my team and I visited in August was that in the millions of files each archive maintains, there are misfiled records. Inside the clearly marked folders with inventory, item and record … Continue reading

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