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JFNA-GA in Tel Aviv Oct 22-24, 2018

What, you might ask is that jumble of letters? The Jewish Federation of North America has an annual conference called a General Assembly. Although it has been in Israel before, it’s previously only been in Jerusalem. I was last at … Continue reading

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Shabbat in Tel Aviv

Whether you are religious or not, Shabbat in Israel is a special experience. Tel Aviv, where we are right now, is very different from Shabbat in Jerusalem where we will be next week. On Shabbat, although in Tel Aviv, many … Continue reading

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Oct 18, 2018 – Arrival in Israel

It’s a really long way to travel – from Salt Lake City to Israel.  Yes, I know that there are places further away, but the issue isn’t really the distance, it’s how long it takes to travel that distance.  There … Continue reading

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A Rental Car Company Not to Use

If you are going to Europe and someone recommends renting a car or van from a place called EuroStyle don’t take their advice. I don’t know if they have locations other than in Warsaw near the airport. We rented a … Continue reading

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In Memoriam…

Now that the Jewish holidays are almost over (one more set is coming up this Monday and Tuesday, I wanted to post about events in October 1941 coinciding (very deliberately) with the end of Sukkot on Hoshana Rabba in Stanislawow, … Continue reading

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Tues., Aug. 28: Krakow

I don’t think I previously discussed a challenge we confronted in our travels. Both Marek and I have previously rented cars in Europe. I think that Lindsay said that she also had. Gas pumps work the same way they do … Continue reading

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Mon., 20 Aug: Kiev to Khmelnytskyi

We had a phenomenal time at the Kiev archives.  The archivists were welcoming and gave us a terrific tour.  We’ve been really fortunate in our visits to various archives. Archivists have been welcoming, eager to speak with us about their … Continue reading

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