Dutch records and resources

Many thanks to Jan Meisels Allen and to Gershon Lehrer for passing on information to her about these resources:

Jan pointed out https://www.wiewaswie.nl/ as a site with free 
access to newspapers in the Netherlands, and then Gershon sent her 
another excellent free site for newspapers and books:
http://kranten.delpher.nl/  with newspapers from 1618 - 1995.  There
are over 9 million pages old newspapers from the Dutch East Indies, 
Suriname, the Netherlands Antilles and the United States.  The site 
also has more than 90,000 books[ publications] from the 18th and 
19th centuries-- the (special) collections of the university 
libraries of Leiden and Amsterdam (UvA) and the Royal Library. 
This includes over two million pages from more
than 11,000 old prints from the Dutch-speaking region from the 
period 1781-1800 and in case that wasn't enough, there are also
1.5 million pages from 80 old journal titles from the second half 
of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century.

Thanks to Jan Meisels Allen and to Gershon Lehrer
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