Reflections – Passover present and past

By 1924 all of my grandparents were living in Brooklyn, Kings County, New York. One of the 4 was born in the US, 1 came at age 6 and 2 in their late teens or early 20s.  The first record of a seder for my family in NY was published in 1924 in the פֿאָרווערטס‎, Jewish Daily Forward, the Yiddish daily newspaper. At that time, the whole family lived in Brooklyn.


Flash forward 95 years – the family has grown by leaps and bounds and are now scattered all over the United States. On Passover, the logistics of everyone getting together are sometimes impossible, as it was this year.  A valiant attempt was made:

2019 Seder Westport

Of course seder memories not only from these two abound. Some are memorialized in photos, most are imbedded in our minds and hearts.

Dana Jenna Jonathan

Families share precious moments, connecting one generation to another. Passover for our family is a time for us to be together and create memories.

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