Identity Theft and US Social Security Numbers – Looking for Input

One of the issues that is being discussed by Congress and others regarding identity theft and Social Security Numbers regards children-especially deceased children and fraudulent tax returns claiming them by other than their parents, i.e. misuse of Social Security Numbers..  The Social Security Administration (SSA)  is considering changing their existing policy about assigning Social Security numbers to children  age 13 and under. The new assignment would only occur under certain circumstances:

Proof that the child’s Social Security number was stolen en route from the SSA to the parent’s home; the child’s Social Security number was incorrectly disclosed in the Death Master File; a third party has misused the child’s SSN.

The SSA is looking for comments on these specific questions:

1.Is age 13 the appropriate cut off for application of the revised policy?

2. Are the circumstances that we propose for assigning a new SSN to children age 13 and under appropriate?

3. Are there other circumstances that would warrant assigning a new SSN to children age 13 and under

To read the proposed notice go to:

They are looking for input from the public and comments must be received by April 12, 2013.

Submitting comments by the eRulemaking portal are included in the url above.

You can fax your comments to: (410) 966– 2830.

Mail any comments to:

Office of Regulations and Reports

Clearance, Social Security

Administration, 107 Altmeyer Building,

6401 Security Boulevard, Baltimore,

Maryland 21235–6401

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