Networking as a viable research tool

As the Beatles sang “I get by with a little help from my friends.”  What would any of us do without our friends and colleagues?  In genealogical research networking is one of the most important tools to use.  There are so many databases and resources worldwide, it’s impossible for any of us to know about all of them.

Consulting with fellow researchers, sharing brick walls, names and places can have remarkable results and often end up with discovering or uncovering amazing documents.  Just this week, thanks to my ever-growing network, I found 19th century death records for my great-great grandparents, and have records galore to explore in search of other “missing” relatives. 

Colleagues spread out around the world may have access to archives that are impossible for me to get to easily and are often willing to check resources as I am for them.  It’s remarkable what can be uncovered when more than one person is involved in a search.

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