Tues., 14 Aug -All’s Well that Ends Well

So the Bard said and so it is.

We began the day slightly subdued, not knowing what would happen with Lindsay’s tooth. We also had a plan. The dentist was on the other side of the river in an area called Užupis which literally means “the other side of the river” and refers to the Vilnia river.  It’s a very unique area, with an artistic and bohemian ambiance.  In 1997, the district declared itself an independent republic (The Republic of Užupis)! Since the dentist was there and it was only half an hour (more or less) from our hotel we all decided to walk with her.

Our meanderings through the city took us through streets that were familiar as well as some we had not previously wandered. I think that half hour walk took us at least 2 hours!  For me, a day like this was perfect – I often get so caught up in the Jewish history of an area that I forget to just enjoy the place.  Today, I just looked around, not in an attempt to see beneath the surface, but to just smell the flowers and the coffee and the luscious bakery odors, look at the bright colors or the flowers and the many shades of green in the trees and grass, and appreciate the beauty of the churches.



Legend says that Napoleon stopped at this tiny church on his way through and commented on this beautiful jewel saying that it could fit in his pocket (OK, I know I butchered this story, but that’s the gist of it).DSC01891.JPG




As I said, all’s well that ends well.  Lindsay did so well!  She was fit for laughter and celebrating afterwards.

Lindsay at dentist.JPG

Gary in Vilnius - Aug 13.jpg


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