A Rental Car Company Not to Use

If you are going to Europe and someone recommends renting a car or van from a place called EuroStyle don’t take their advice. I don’t know if they have locations other than in Warsaw near the airport. We rented a van from them in August at the recommendation of Hertz at the Warsaw airport because we were traveling to countries like Ukraine and Hertz and similar companies (we were told by Hertz) did not authorize their cars be taken across certain borders.
It was a last minute change for us (our travel agency had confirmed the Hertz rental) and we had few choices. We rented the van for 21 days, told them we would not take insurance (my credit card offers rental insurance but only if you don’t take the insurance offered by a car rental company. There was no language difficulty in discussing the arrangements, a member of my team who is a native Pole was with me.
We refused insurance on their forms. They said they didn’t have time to do anything but fix the brakes because it was last minute. The van was great – spacious and handled well, as passengers we were all comfortable.
We returned the van on time, they checked it over, said it looked good and ostensibly processed the refund of the deposit (not an authorization but an actual charge on my credit card f $2,700!!!!) and said that if it was a Polish bank by the time we left their premises, the credit would appear but since it was a US bank it would take a couple of days. Five days later, we contacted them. They responded by saying that there were thousands of dollars of damage and that we were lucky that we took their insurance which was $2,700 because otherwise it would have cost us a lot more.
SO glad that the charges were on my Chase credit card, The bank was terrific and although it took 3 weeks for the charge to be removed, it was. Yay Chase. Boo EuroStyle.
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