Oct 18, 2018 – Arrival in Israel

It’s a really long way to travel – from Salt Lake City to Israel.  Yes, I know that there are places further away, but the issue isn’t really the distance, it’s how long it takes to travel that distance.  There was the Salt Lake City flight to New York, which seems to have involved not only the 4 hour flight but also an hour on the plane on the ground, then a 5 hour layover in NY followed by the 10 hour flight.  Finally, we arrived in Tel Aviv, late afternoon, and by the time our cab had battled traffic from the airport to our hotel, it must have been about 7 PM Thursday.  We had left Salt Lake City (9 hours earlier than Israel, 2 hours earlier than NY) at 11:23 AM on Wednesday.

Checking into our hotel right on the beach made the hours spent en route seem like absolutely nothing!

Tel Aviv Beach 2.jpg

A long walk on the tayellet (promenade) called to me, and I listened. After a couple of weeks of near freezing temperatures in Salt Lake City, the warm air was certainly a welcome change.


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