Tomorrow has arrived

Yes, today was once tomorrow – if that sounds confusing, you probably don’t want to be inside my head (actually you probably never want to be inside my head). After a 10+ hour trip from Salt Lake City to Amsterdam, we arrived half an hour late. Generally no biggie, but in this case, it was a bit stressful. If you’ve been to the Amsterdam airport, you’ll be able to picture the dash to passport control from way over on the other side of the airport. There was originally only 70 minutes between flights. The delay wasn’t made up in the air so we landed with only 45 minutes. Exiting from the plane to the tarmac, getting on a bus to the terminal ate into those precious minutes, so did the dash to passport control, to say nothing of waiting on line – we guard got me into the line in from of the first person whose flight was leaving later than mine but the guy in front of me had some sort of problem (whatever it was, it was in one of the many languages I don’t speak. Finally got through passport control.

My gate was next to the last one (86 out of 87) at the far end of the terminal. Thankfully, that flight was delayed by 9 minutes. I got to the line behind the last 5 people. The flight from Amsterdam to Warsaw was just as calm as the flight to Warsaw. All was well wiht the world until it came to baggage. Mine was nowhere to be found.  The Delta app indicated that it would be on a later flight, arriving almost 5 hours after me! Still calm, but sweating in my too hot clothes, I filled out a lost baggage claim and they promised my stuff would be delivered to the hotel tonight.

Marek was waiting for me, and we caught a cab to the center of old town – that was where our charming, old hotel was. Marek had already been there, and told me that I didn’t want to be. He was right. It was indeed charming  – on the outside. The best I could say about the rooms was that they were tiny and very hot. No a/c.  We went on a madcap quick search for a hotel with the amenities our previously chosen place was supposed to have, and lucked out with the beautiful and recently renovated Sofitel.

We made a mad dash to get our stuff which we had stashed in Marek’s room. That mad dash took us past many, many ice cream and gelato stalls.  Do you know how delicious chocolate sorbet can be? Trust me, it’s incredible.

After being awake for about 30 hours, I think I need to sleep now.


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