Kaunas – June 27

We arrived in Kaunas after picking up a car which Lina promptly named the Black Swan.  Much larger than our previous Cinnamon, but when we changed plans and needed a car for additional days this was all that was available. Gabriel, I think, is really enjoying this car!

Unfortunately, although the bag I left behind in Kaunas was waiting for me, along with my extra camera battery and charger, a flash drive and SD card reader were not in it.  I suspect that the bag must have fallen to the ground, perhaps between the two beds (like in many hotels here, a king-size bed is made of two twins pushed together, and of course, as might be suspected, there’s a crack between them) or that something may have fallen out, and the chamber maid didn’t notice.  This means that most photos will need to wait until July 5 when I return to the US. I was able to borrow an SD card reader and got some of the photos from the camera and am updating some of the previous days which had no photos as I find time. I haven’t retrieved all the photos on the camera yet, so there are plenty I suspect that will have to wait until I’m back in the US. Today will be the last blog post before I return that will include photos.

We had an appointment at the archives, and rather than stressing about lost (or misplaced things,  we headed over to get started. We knew that there would be more than 40 books of documents to look through. We were relieved that the weather had finally broken. Today is beautifully cool and since the archive has no climate control, this is very important. It was still a little warm at the archive, and Gabriel agreed to come with us and help take photos of documents which made it a certainty that we would get through all the books.

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