June 20 – a last day in Poland

Today was our last day in Poland. Well, not really. It was my last day in Poland. Marek will be here doing more research for another 4 days. I’m leaving tomorrow for Lithuania where I will join Lina. Our research plans include the archives in Kaunas and Vilnius and visiting a dozen or more small towns in various regions not too distant from Kaunas and Vilnius, to meet with historians on behalf of clients, and to get photos for clients.

Today though, I’m still in Warsaw, and the day was glorious. I should comment on the weather since I got here a week ago.  Unlike in southeast Poland, the temperature has been on the uncomfortably hot side. Except for this morning, it’s only rained at night. What a contrast to my last trip.

I am fascinated by buildings, mostly on the old side. Some have history that is part of the war ravaged city, but others are just old, and from their appearance, one can only imagine the stories they could tell.

Most of the day was spent wandering the Praga district. It’s the Corpus Christi holday and most things except for private shops and restaurants are closed. There are throngs of people in the streets going to church. It rained slightly in the morning, but by late afternoon, the sun was shining and the temperatures were once again uncomfortably high.  We took off for Belvedere and spend a very pleasant couple of hours in the relative cool of the shady trees.

Perfect day. Good way to end this portion of my trip. Next stop – Vilnius.

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